Candy Crowley’s Benghazi Lifeline to Obama


Debate moderator backs up the president’s deception on his handling of a terror attack.

Hillary Goes Under the Bus


Clinton takes responsibility for Benghazi, but who is ultimately to blame?

Defending Homeland


Pressuring television’s top drama to whitewash Islam.

Destroy-Israel Conference Comes to Illinois


Hamas and Muslim Brotherhood-linked radicals rally for “Palestine” and build interfaith bridges.

Islamic Terrorism Caused by Poverty?


How many more lives will be lost before this leftist dogma is sent to the ash heap of history?

France’s Anti-Jewish Terrorism Epidemic


European anti-Semitism rises to a level not seen since Nazi Germany.

Leftist Christians vs. the Jewish State


The Religious Left condemns Israel — while ignoring the most repressive regimes on earth.

US to Spend $16,000 on New Hands for Abu Hook


But because depriving al-Masri of a “reasonable standard” of medical care in jail would violate his civil rights — and provide grounds for an appeal — he’s expected to be outfitted with a pair of $16,000 rubber hands.

US Military on Alert for Christian and Hindu Religious Extremists in its Ranks


The Defense Science Board report sought to debunk the notion that Islam is the only religion that fuels extremism. “While a number of cases involved radical Islam, there were examples involving Christianity, and the potential exists for radicalization to occur in the context of other religions as well.”.

Lebanese Reformer Seeks Safe Haven


Pro-Western activist Moustafa Geha lives to tell his story following an assassination attempt.

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