Muslim Firsters and Israel Firsters


Whose interests are really served by American foreign policy?

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Peace Process Lies


How the Palestinians turned peace rejectionism into a science.

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Releasing Terrorists for Peace


Obama administration believes repatriating five of the worst Taliban operatives will make the extremist group reconsider jihad.

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The Islamic Paradise of the Needle and Powder


Muslim fanaticism — and terror financing — has everything to do with its drug-centered culture.

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Libya: The New Al-Qaeda Stronghold


Courtesy of US taxpayers.

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Terror in Tampa


The FBI thwarts a potential jihadi bloodbath.

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Voices of Palestine: Abbas Zaki


Top leader advises Palestinians to pursue the destruction of Israel, but to “keep it to yourself.”

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Eric Cantor Gets the Mideast Conflict


The congressman takes heat for insisting that Palestinians show that they’re “worthy of a state.”

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Willful Blindness Toward Terrorists at UCLA a Decade After 9-11


The University of California hosts a peculiar roundtable discussion.

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Pakistan to Blame for NATO Airstrike


How much longer until counter-terrorism cooperation ceases altogether?

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