Sleeper Cells: The Immigration Component of the Threat


Washington’s deadly political games.

Jihad in Tel Aviv


Why the Tel Aviv bus stabbing was no isolated incident.

Liar In Chief


A deceitful and dangerous president.

The President’s Address of Lies

President Obama Delivers State Of The Union Address At U.S. Capitol

A speech made up of shameless lies, crazy lies and evil lies.

Andrew Klavan: Should Waterboarding Jihadis Be An Olympic Sport?


A Truth Revolt video.

The Free World Under Siege


A “Belgian Charlie Hebdo” averted – and more attacks are to come.

The Real Scandals of the Paris March

French President Francois Hollande welcomes Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas at the Elysee Palace before attending a solidarity march in the streets of Paris

Hypocrisy and fakeness on clear display.

Free Speech vs. Fear


How Western press agencies are proving to Muslims that violence works.

World Unites for Freedom —- Obama Stays Home


The president’s shameful snub of the Charlie Hebdo rally.

Welcoming Terrorists at the International Criminal Court


Hamas-linked “Palestine” gains membership to the Supranationalist court.