9/11 Would-Be Hijacker Claims Denying him Olives and Honey is “Psychological Torture”


“The only worthwhile use for the life of a traitor is to serve as an example to those of weak moral fiber who might hereafter be tempted to commit treason.”

More Evidence that Palestinians are Religious Nazis


The “peace partners” who celebrate the murderers of children during Ramadan.

Whose Side Is Obama On?

U.S. President Barack Obama walks out after speaking about the violence in Egypt while at his rental vacation home on the Massachusetts island of Martha's Vineyard in Chilmark

The president’s quest to turn Egypt — and the entire Middle East — over to the Muslim Brotherhood.

Get Ready for Al Jazeera America


How the jihadist equivalent of Pravda is already being embraced by the journalistic establishment.

Obama’s War of Word Games


… And its casualties.

The Muslim Brotherhood’s False Appeal


What if terrorist Islam and political Islam are the same thing?

What Terrorists Want


Romancing jihadists — the liberal way.

Celebrating French Dhimmitude at the New York Times


The Gray Lady whitewashes a radical Islamist enclave in France.

Halal: A Taste of Terror


The growing alarm over where the funds of the multi-billion-dollar industry end up.

Kill Terrorists in Yemen, Free Them in Israel


The world according to John Kerry.