Robert Spencer Announces Candidacy for President

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Scholar of Islam lays out his plan for American victory against jihad at Restoration Weekend.

Has the West Lost the Will to Live?


Is returning to business-as-usual after terrorist attacks a sign of strength or giving up?

Taliban School Slaughter


Islamic child sacrifice reaches grisly new low in Pakistan.

Shilling for Islamic Terrorists

A Hamas supporter carries a mock Qassam rocket during a demonstration against Israel at al-Yarmouk Camp

Lawyers front for Hamas sympathizers on college campuses.

The Islamic State Widens its Bridgehead in North Africa


An impotent Obama watches as the ISIS cancer spreads from Algeria to Egypt.

Fighting Jihad with Education


A guide for the concerned global citizen.

A Radical Muslim in the Navy


The high military offices that CAIR’s reach may extend to — thanks to one individual.

Video: Ken Timmerman on “Dark Forces”


NY Times bestselling author unveils the truth about what happened in Benghazi.

ISIS Calls for Poisoning and Running Down Westerners


Terrorist group calls on Muslims in the West to do their duty.

Netanyahu’s Father Said the Holocaust Didn’t End

Mideast Israel Palestinians

And it continues all the time.