Robert Spencer at the Muhammad Art Exhibit

robert spencer

Prophetic words before a vicious jihadist attack.

New York Times Morally Confused by Synagogue Massacre


Aggressors, victims…what’s the difference?

The Car Intifada

APTOPIX Mideast Israel Palestinians

A death cult’s new killing machines.

Beyond Depraved: Palestinians Praise Infant Murderer


While Israelis hail scientists, their “peace partners” hail terrorists.

Terrorist Attack or ‘Traffic Incident’?


The Obama State Department’s cold response to a fatal Palestinian terrorist attack in Jerusalem.

Canada’s Jihad Denial


The Islamic State’s threats to strike in Canada are carried out – while the media search for a motive.

Obama’s MSNBC Whore


The moral sewer Chris Matthews bathes in to sanitize a president’s bloody deeds.

U.N. Leader: U.S. ‘Israel First Ethos’ to Blame for Boston Bombing


Top official Richard Falk slithers through the sewer of Jew-hate and anti-Americanism.

Stonewalling Benghazi into Irrelevancy


The Obama administration’s modus operandi for defusing scandals.

35 Years in Prison for 166 Dead


American scout for Mumbai terrorist attack gets off light.