What Really Happened in Benghazi: Before, During, and After


A comprehensive timeline and analysis of the events surrounding the terrorist attack against the U.S. mission.

How Obama’s Policies Led to Benghazigate


And why more killing fields hover on the horizon in the president’s Brave New Middle East.

FrontPage’s Men of the Year: The Three Men Who Gave Their Lives in Benghazi


Left to die by Hillary and Obama.

Obama Concedes Defeat on Susan Rice


When a full-blown investigation into Benghazi just isn’t worth it.

Petraeus Recants Obama’s Benghazi Fiction


With nothing to lose, the general comes clean.

Why Our Forces Were Told to ‘Stand Down’ in Benghazi


In a post-American administration, American lives come second to winning over Muslims.

Benghazi and the Lethal Price of Arming Jihadists


New information on the function of the “consulate” paints a grim picture.

What About the Camp Bastion Attack?


Tragic terrorist attack was overshadowed by Benghazi, but critical questions remain.

On Benghazi Criticism, Mitt Was Right


A political gaffe turns into a gutsy judgment call.

Jihadists Take Aim at Egyptian Military


The only obstacle standing in the way of an Islamist takeover of the country.

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