The Red Race Card


Why the Left’s obsession with racial politics is motivated by achieving power, not justice for the downtrodden.

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Left Demands James O’Keefe’s Head Over Voter Fraud Exposé


Democratic operatives try to divert attention away from the truth after viral video shows the ease of electoral fraud.

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The Left’s Food Feudalism


The same classist desire for control finds a modern outlet.

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Leftist Mob Mobilizes Against the GOP


Obama-approved goon squads employ Alinsky’s classic “inside/outside” strategy.

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Leftism Makes You Meaner


Even the death of an opponent’s infant is not off limits.

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2012: Crisis and Opportunity Await


The crucial mindset conservatives need to embrace this year.

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Norman Lear’s Left-Wing Paranoia About ‘The Right’


They’re coming for your children!

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Random Thoughts for the New Year


Untangling the twisted logic behind the Left’s war on America.

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Baroness Caroline Cox at Restoration Weekend


An international heroine discusses the shared challenges that bring the US and the UK together.

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R.I.P. Christopher Hitchens


The very model of the non-academic “man of ideas.”

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