Jimmy Carter’s Rally for Liberal Baptists Flops


The former president vents his hatred against the rich and “apartheid” Israel.

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The Left’s Special Hatred of Herman Cain


What’s really behind the racist witch-hunt.

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White Racists


For the Left, being a black conservative and a runaway slave are the gravest wrongs of all.

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The Left’s Racist Witch Hunt


Why Herman Cain is under attack.

Left’s Reaction to Obama’s Iraq Surrender: Triumphalism and Hate


Progressives’ fondest wish comes true.

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The Left’s Confused Reactions to Qaddafi’s Death


Is Obama an assassin or a foreign policy visionary?

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Leftist Occupiers and Double Standards


Where is the media’s coverage of the totalitarian behavior of the progressives of our time?

Hate Mail of the Day: Understanding the Crypto-Religious Mentality of the Left

It’s been a long time since I’ve gotten hate mail. And, oh, how I’ve missed it.
Five years ago when I was a leftist op/ed columnist for my college paper the hate mail would come in regularly as I delivered a new radical assault against the Iraq War, the Bush administration, and the Conservative Movement each [...]

Adding Illegal Aliens to Obamacare

Would it be immoral to deny illegal aliens the right to purchase medical insurance under Obamacare?  According to a guest on the O’Reilly Factor last night, the answer is yes ( he referred to the lawbreakers by the more benign sounding title, ”undocumented” immigrants).  Some left wing Democrats in Congress are also saying that illegal aliens should be covered.
Emergency-room [...]