Security Challenges Facing Israel in 2015

Israeli soldier looks through binoculars into Lebanon, near the northern Israeli town of Metula

Identifying the most hazardous threat to the Israelis.

Rep. Jim Bridenstine: ‘Weakness Is Provocative’


GOP congressman unveils the chaos unleashed by America’s retreat abroad at Restoration Weekend.

ISIS Calls for Poisoning and Running Down Westerners


Terrorist group calls on Muslims in the West to do their duty.

Video: Michael Cutler on “The Immigration Crisis”


Former Senior Special Agent of the INS unveils a hazardous threat facing our nation.

Kerry: Global Warming World’s ‘Most Fearsome’ Threat


In the face of Ebola and ISIS, the Obama administration reveals its real priorities.

Thank You, ISIS


The beheadings have achieved what all the warnings from conservatives never could.

Obama’s Absurd West Point Speech


Terrorism is our “most direct threat.” We just can’t talk about it.

Russia’s Threat in the Americas


Putin’s disturbing military build-up in our own backyard.

Surviving Obama


The president abandons his facade of supporting Israel.

Obama’s Cold War Denial


The president’s dismissal of Russia’s threat comes back to haunt him.