Obama’s War on Israel


The modern Left’s defining foreign policy: boycott Israel, not Iran.

Kerry’s Israeli Supporters


Just who is enabling the secretary of state’s aggression toward Israel?

Clinton “Regrets” Benghazi

Hillary Clinton Addresses National Automobile Dealers Association Convention

The shaping of the narrative for the 2016 presidential campaign begins.

Mullahs Threaten Global Oil Crisis


The Iranian takeover of OPEC begins.

How Israel Makes the World a Safer Place


What even Defense Secretary Hagel was forced to admit.

The Threat We Face


What is the nature of the adversary we are up against?

Iran Threatens Rape of One of Obama’s Daughters Over Syria


Plain Islamic doctrine at play — will U.S. media’s willful blindness continue?

Obama’s Bread and Circuses

Obama and ship of fools-thumb-470x254-3130

How the president’s incompetence on Syria has signaled to our enemies that the U.S. is an empty suit.

Muslim Brotherhood Supporters Threaten Christians against Protesting


Copts under attack in post-Morsi Egypt.

America’s Foes Call Obama’s Bluff


The worst actors on the world stage decipher they are free to do as they please.