Tranny Who Murdered 3 Women Claims He’s Not Responsible for What his “Male” Personality Did


” He killed them because they had the ability to have children.”

Iran Women’s Soccer Teams Consist of Men in Hijabs


Iranian sports teams have a lot in common with East German sports teams.

Racist Abortion Liar Claims: “It’s Not Just Women That Get Pregnant”

Still less traumatic than this post

Can liberals please stop the War on Science and the War on Women?

Maine Court says Banning Men from Using the Ladies Room is Discrimination


It would be illegal for a restaurant to prohibit a man from using the women’s bathroom

2 Obama Judges Say Constitution Entitles Wife-Killer to Sex Change Operation


Robert Kosilek strangled his wife to death so severely that he nearly cut off her head.

Transgender Emir of Syrian Al Qaeda Captured in Women’s Clothing


“He shaved his beard and put on mascara and lipstick.”

Transgender Woman who Tried to Turn Herself Into a Man After Rejection by Mother Kills Herself


Nathan, born Nancy, Verhelst, was given legal euthanasia, most likely by lethal injection, on the grounds of “unbearable psychological suffering”

UK Soldier Converts to Islam, Gets Surgery, Becomes First Transgender Gay Muslim Woman


After his sex change operation, he converted to Islam because it promoted peace last September.

Crazy Man Named Calliope Wong Applies to Liberal All-Girls College, PC Comedy Follows

calliope wong is sad

All it took to end the All-Girls College was a bunch of teenage boys putting on dresses and copying the plots of a bunch of bad 80s movies.

The Dishonest Campaign Against Richard Littlejohn

nathan upton lucy meadows

As with the Julie Burchill witch hunt, this is about the left asserting its power to crush common sense journalistic dissent.