The Real George Zimmerman


A cautionary tale for conservatives.

Paula Deen Murders Trayvon Martin


Law & Disorder.

The Thug Culture That Killed Chris Lane


The Left’s unseemly alliance with those who market self-destruction to the black community.

George Zimmerman Backlash Leads to Anthony Weiner Support


Spitzer only leads because of black voter support. Just 7% of white Democratic voters back Weiner, but nearly a quarter of black voters still support him.

The Shroud of Trayvon


The infamous hoodie may go to the Smithsonian — and seal its legacy as a religious relic.

Jesse Jackson Jumps the Selma Civil Rights Shark


Jesse Jackson is comparing Florida to Selma and South Africa, based on a single case whose outcome he didn’t like.

Muggers Honor Trayvon Martin’s Legacy with Racist Muggings


Police say three black men beat and robbed a white man in Washington, D.C. early Saturday morning yelling, “This is for Trayvon Martin.”

Social Moralizers Turn Backs on Baby Antonio

Picture 4

A victim of inner city violence whose name will never be famous in America.

The Radical Hijacking of the Zimmerman Verdict


How socialist groups around the country are exploiting the controversy for their devious ends.

Zimmerman, Alinsky and Obama


The political usefulness of racial discord in America.