Reflections on My Oakland Trayvon Rally Assault

Picture 6

What the Left really means by “no justice, no peace.”

Florida Boycott Extended to Coca Cola, Lemonade, Foot Locker, Dixie Cups


Boycott oranges! Why? Because they grow in Florida!

‘Justice for Trayvon’ Chicago: ‘Racism Is in DNA of America’


A rally against America’s “genocide.”

Obama to America: “Wring as Much Bias Out of Yourself as Possible”


Maybe Obama could turn on the laundry wringer, put in some of his best shirts and ask himself why he keeps monopolizing public time and resources on divisive issues.

Jesse Jackson Declares Florida an “Apartheid State”


I wonder if the large Jewish community in Florida had something to do with Jesse Jackson’s decision

I Am Not Trayvon Martin

trayvon martin protest

If I were shot and killed, you would never hear Obama talking about it because I look nothing like his son.

The 4 Most Unhinged Responses to the Zimmerman Verdict


The Left once again demonstrates its disdain for reason.

America’s Obsession with the Racist Within


Faith in nothing but the power of racism.

Mob Beats Hispanic Man: “This is for Trayvon”

trayvon martin an hero

He said, ‘Do you know who Trayvon is?’ I said, ‘No,’ thinking of somebody local. He said, ‘Trayvon Martin.’ I said ‘Yes.’ He said, ‘I’m going to beat you… For Trayvon.’

Race-Industry Leeches


Will the DOJ pursue its self-serving, race-baiting agenda in the Zimmerman case?