Alec Baldwin Goes Racist


Being on a beloved left-wing show means never having to say you’re sorry.

‘America The Racist’: The Left’s Familiar Refrain

Khalil Gibran Muhammad

An Indiana University history professor says the racism of the 1890s is “still with us” today.

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‘Trayvon Martin Day’ Indoctrination in D.C.


Priming the next generation of race rioters.

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Should Black People Tolerate This?


Why are civil rights leaders silent to the real threat to the black community?

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Inconvenient Truths About The Trayvon Martin Shooting


What the new evidence reveals.

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Reexamining the Trayvon Martin Shooting


Detailed report on George Zimmerman’s background exposes the bankruptcy of the Left’s narrative of the case.

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Trayvon Martin: Rodney King, Redux


The similarities are eerie. The outcome will be frightening.

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‘Justice for Trayvon’—with Bricks and Bats


A group of 20 African Americans pummel a white victim in retribution for Trayvon Martin’s death.

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If Mormonism Is Fair Game, so Is Jeremiah Wright


Why the Obama campaign has “reopened” the issue of the president’s religious associations.

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Who Is ‘Racist’?


Why the Left and mainstream media cling to a Jim Crow mentality.

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