Remembering Trayvon Martin’s Death One Year Later

He died for your Skittles. Taste the rainbow.

The candlelight vigils actually took place yesterday on the anniversary of the day that Trayvon Martin got shot for wearing a hoodie, carrying skittles and trying to beat a man’s head into the ground. Two out of three of these things are legal so it was clearly an unprovoked assault.

Alec Baldwin Goes Racist


Being on a beloved left-wing show means never having to say you’re sorry.

‘America The Racist': The Left’s Familiar Refrain

Khalil Gibran Muhammad

An Indiana University history professor says the racism of the 1890s is “still with us” today.

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‘Trayvon Martin Day’ Indoctrination in D.C.


Priming the next generation of race rioters.

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Should Black People Tolerate This?


Why are civil rights leaders silent to the real threat to the black community?

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Inconvenient Truths About The Trayvon Martin Shooting


What the new evidence reveals.

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Reexamining the Trayvon Martin Shooting


Detailed report on George Zimmerman’s background exposes the bankruptcy of the Left’s narrative of the case.

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Trayvon Martin: Rodney King, Redux


The similarities are eerie. The outcome will be frightening.

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‘Justice for Trayvon’—with Bricks and Bats


A group of 20 African Americans pummel a white victim in retribution for Trayvon Martin’s death.

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If Mormonism Is Fair Game, so Is Jeremiah Wright


Why the Obama campaign has “reopened” the issue of the president’s religious associations.

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