A President’s Global Warming Treaty Tyranny


Submitting the U.S. to the international community’s will — without the consent of Congress.

UN Arms Treaty Coming Down to the Wire


Why, even in its watered down form, the treaty is bad for America — and good for rogue regimes.

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Obama-Backed UN Gun Control Treaty on Its Way


Americans’ Second Amendment rights are at risk.

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The Toothless Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty


How Obama’s useless nuclear disarmament endangers us all.

Defeating Iran?


How can America deal with a nuclear Iran amidst Obama-era defense weakening?

Remembering the Cold Warriors

American Soviet Flag

Will the unsung heroes who guarded against the communist threat ever get their due?

Obama’s Unexceptional Nation


Never has a U.S. president been so idealistic about the world but so cynical about America’s role in it.

Gas Us Without Fear of Nukes


When Americans come under nuclear attack, they will know that their government won’t respond in kind.

Missing the Target


Obama’s nuclear policy is aimed at the wrong country — his own.