The Jihadist Roots of the Norway Massacre


Anders Breivik reveals where his real inspiration came from.

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The Norway Killer Trial: Week One


Conclusions on Anders Breivik and the country he terrorized.

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Witness for the Defense?


The Norwegian mass murderer goes to trial – and writers critical of Islam are summoned to testify.

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Lars Hedegaard’s “Racism” Case Goes Before Supreme Court


President of the Danish Free Press Society stands firm on his fight in “the most important political struggle of our time.”

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The Brewing Egyptian Hostage Crisis


The world is watching and waiting for President Obama.

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Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff: Thoughts Before Trial


A decision in the case looms.

Fox Turns On Wilders


Why is the network joining the attack against the Dutch politician?

NewsReal Blog Interview: Note to Obama Administration: Make the Right Choice, Part two

There is much speculation on whether President Obama will overrule his attorney general and change the venue and the type of trial the terrorists will be given. NewsReal Blog interviewed those with first-hand knowledge for their opinion on what type of trial the terrorists should have and where it should be held. Weighing in with [...]

Wilders’ Best Witness


Why Islamist scholar Muhammad Taqi Usmani may be the key to Geert Wilders’ defense against charges of anti-Muslim discrimination.

A Tale of Two Books


A Dutch court is forced to compare Mein Kampf and the Quran in the Wilders trial.