“Nothing To Do With Illegal Aliens”


Triple murder shows cognitive dissonance on illegal immigration.

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Anti-Jihad Critics Spared a Show Trial in Norway


The last absurd twists of the Breivik trial.

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The Long-Delayed Trial of the Fort Hood Terrorist


Will justice ever come for the victims of Nidal Hasan?

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Anders Behring Breivik and Norway’s Illness


Lessons from the trial of a mass murderer held in a society obsessed with being nice.

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Calling Out Totalitarianism in Norway


A writer refuses to testify in the Breivik trial.

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Islamophobia ‘Experts’ to be Called in Breivik Case


Left-wing terrorist prepares to take the stand.

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The Jihadist Roots of the Norway Massacre


Anders Breivik reveals where his real inspiration came from.

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The Norway Killer Trial: Week One


Conclusions on Anders Breivik and the country he terrorized.

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Witness for the Defense?


The Norwegian mass murderer goes to trial – and writers critical of Islam are summoned to testify.

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Lars Hedegaard’s “Racism” Case Goes Before Supreme Court


President of the Danish Free Press Society stands firm on his fight in “the most important political struggle of our time.”

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