Dennis Rodman and Other Stalinist Fellow Travelers


An ugly American tradition.

A Pro-Israel Buzz in the Blogosphere


What American bloggers have to say about the Middle East’s only democracy.

Obama’s Visit to Hell

Focus Surrounds The Hospital Where Nelson Mandela's Condition Is Said To Be Critical

What South Africa’s “George Washington” really accomplished.

Beyonce and Jay-Z Bankroll Castro’s Racist Tyranny

Cuba People Beyonce

The sadistic torturers of black political prisoners roll out the red carpet for pop culture icons.

Regional Threats Loom Large over Obama’s Israel Trip


The president’s first day in a deteriorating Middle East makes clear he has entered a war zone.

The Man Shaping Obama’s Strategy on Israel


After pushing the president’s disastrous Arab Spring policy, Benjamin Rhodes guides the president in the Holy Land.

The Russia-China Axis Grows

Picture 16

What new Chinese President Xi Jinping’s visit to Moscow signals about the developing anti-American axis.

Obama Meets With Pro-Hezbollah Groups Ahead of Mideast Trip


President gets “recommendations” from Israel-haters.

Romney Takes Tough Stance in Israel


Republican candidate indicates he’ll treat America’s closest Mideast ally as a friend.

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Send Faiza Ali to Tehran


The CAIR rep. says Islam allows Muslims to freely leave their religion. Let her prove it with a little experiment.