Lifting the Veil — on The Glazov Gang


Scholar of Islam I.Q. Al-Rassooli reveals the true faces of Muhammad and Islam.

Ben Shapiro: The Truth About Thanksgiving


A Truth Revolt video.

Patriots Vow to Fight on for Benghazi Answers


A potential smoking gun emerges on the tragic anniversary.

Robert Spencer: We Have Met the Enemy and He Is Us

Screen Shot 2014-06-24 at 9.28.59 PM

Anti-jihad warrior warns of the dangers we face when truth becomes forbidden knowledge.

Desperate Antics to Obstruct the Truth About Benghazi


The Left’s cover-up is becoming more pathological by the minute.

PunditFact/PolitiFact: Media Bias Strikes Again — At Me


When “fact-checkers” can’t be trusted.

The Truth about Robert Spencer


Rebuttals to false charges.

The Bothersome, Annoying Truth


What can one do when the very existence of “facts” is rejected by one’s adversaries?

Drowning Out All Things Benghazi


Obama’s trying to drown out the Benghazi Whistleblowers the way he drowned out the cries for help from the Americans who died there.

The Left After Communism


Sorry, a moral felon can’t be a good historian.