The Palestinian Statehood Idea Begins to Crumble


Why even leftists are giving up on the cause.

The Left’s Lingering Oslo Delusions


Why there are no moderate Palestinian factions.

Has the Gaza War Doomed the Two-State Solution?


Ardent true believers signal doubts.

Kerry Forces Israel’s Moment of Decision

Screen Shot 2013-12-17 at 8.22.28 PM

Why the time has come for the Jewish State to free itself from the two-state trap.

Misrepresenting American Jewry


Do mainstream Jewish organizations represent the interests of the Jewish community or Obama?

The Arab Supremacist Islamist ‘State’ of ‘Palestine’

UN Palestinians Status.JPEG-0f8de

Israel signals it has had enough of the Palestinians’ gaming of the UN.

Seven Fascinating Things I Learned in Israel


Surprising facts about the Jewish State that your tour guide won’t tell you.

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Israel’s American Friends


US Congressman Joe Walsh and 44 of his congressional colleagues say the sun has set on the two-state solution.

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Harvard Promotes the Palestinians’ Slow-Motion ‘Final Solution’


Prestigious university holds conference on the Arabs’ Hilter-inspired strategy to destroy Israel.

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