Britain’s Jihadists Within


The Syrian jihadists once embraced by the U.K. government are now the country’s biggest threat.

Heading Toward the EU Exit?


Promising news from both Britain and the Netherlands.

Halal: A Taste of Terror


The growing alarm over where the funds of the multi-billion-dollar industry end up.

Britain Embraces Jihad Terror


Jihad hate preachers welcome; counter-jihadists, no.

Remembering the Iron Lady

Thatcher color small

The grocer’s daughter who took the world by storm — and helped define her era.

Margaret Thatcher and the Death of Feminism

Margaret Thatcher's papers

Don’t hold your breath waiting for “feminists” to celebrate the life of one of the greatest women of the 20th century.

Video: Muslims Enforcing Sharia on the Streets of London


Islamic Law — coming to a neighborhood near you.

Grappling With Muslim Sex Gangs in Britain


Small — but hopeful — signs the country is pulling its head out of the sand.

Anti-EU Brits Threatened with Losing Their Foster Kids


Stunning political persecution in the U.K.

The Warrior Code vs. The Da Vinci Code


Feminized Christianity meets alpha male Islam.