Israel and UN Assurances


Why the Jewish State must trust history over the promises of the United Nations.

Abbas at the UN: Decoding the Babble


The PA president’s game of deceit.

Obama: Dhimmi or Dunce?


Why exactly does our president turn a blind eye to Islam’s world-wide persecution of Christians?

UN to US: Get Zimmerman


UN racism group’s wrongheaded priorities.

An Israel-Hater Heads to the U.N.


Can a woman who called for the invasion of Israeli territory be trusted at the United Nations?

U.N. Leader: U.S. ‘Israel First Ethos’ to Blame for Boston Bombing


Top official Richard Falk slithers through the sewer of Jew-hate and anti-Americanism.

Obama’s New Peacekeeper Army

Enduring Freedom

Welcome to a military establishment in which victory is no longer a relevant concept.

Obama’s U.N. Speech Hits and Misses the Mark


A troubling statement parrots warnings of Islamists.

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Déjà Vu With Mahmoud Abbas


New tricks to get the U.N. General Assembly to recognize the Palestinian Authority.

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Anti-Israel Hypocrisy at the UN

United Nations Assembly

Human-rights abuser Morocco leads the international campaign to dismantle Israel.

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