The Fall of Ramadi


The unbearable lightness of the anti-ISIS coalition’s airstrikes.

Obama Subjects U.S. to Farcical U.N. ‘Human Rights’ Review


U.S. State Department joins in the America-bashing.

Save the Warthogs

Thunder and lightning

Can America afford to scrap the A-10 Warthog?

A Mad Max Nation with No Electrical Grid


What exactly has been done to physically harden our grid’s chain-link fences from the likes of ISIS?

Matthias Kuentzel on Germany, Iran and the Bomb


Why the attempt to “integrate” Iran into a strategic partnership is fundamentally flawed.

America’s Institutional Enablers of the New Anti-Semitism


The three major American institutions that are particularly culpable.

A Foreign Policy Primer for Obama––and Rand Paul


Dismissing the lessons history teaches.

Why Allying With Iran Helps ISIS


Iran is using ISIS to take over Iraq.

The King Is Dead, Long Live the King

Enduring Freedom

The U.S. can only hope for a smooth transition in Saudi Arabia — but it might not be that easy.

Bill Whittle: We’re Number Two


A Truth Revolt video.