America: Biggest Bankroller of Palestinian Killers

Military Ceremony in Gaza

Time to stop the near-billion dollars in “aid” to the Hamas-Fatah government.

U.S. Becomes Chief Enabler of Christian Persecution


Obama’s foreign policy and its main victims.

Putin’s Obama Game

obama putin romney

A Russian thugocrat outwits and humiliates a Radical-in-Chief over and over again.

Face the Truth: Pakistan Is Not An Ally


They knew where bin Laden was. For years.

Internet Control in an Anti-Free Speech World


What happens when the “international community” oversees the web?

It Takes a Rogue Nation to Stop a Rogue State


Cowboy diplomacy is the only defense against commissar diplomacy and caliphate diplomacy.

NBC Olympics Coverage: Burying Cold War History


Whitewashing the Evil Empire and the U.S.’s triumphs against it.

A Warning From 1968


Remembering Eric Hoffer’s profound words about Israel and the Jews.

Losing India


Surely not an option, even for Obama?

U.S. vs. Christians


How Obama’s policies are threatening Christians in Syria and elsewhere.