Quakers: Hard on U.S., Easy on Iran

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American Friends Service Committee’s peculiar silence on the warmongering Islamic Republic.

The Salafi Crusades


The War for Civilization begins.

Sometimes a Bang, Sometimes a Whimper


David Goldman explains how the United States can escape the general decline of the West.

U.S. Double Standard Towards The Kurds


Palestinian statehood: thumbs up; Kurdish independent state: thumbs down.

October Surprise: Direct Talks with Iran?

Iranian President Ahmadinejad speaks during media conference on the sidelines of the 67th United Nations General Assembly in New York

Is the Obama administration trying to change the subject from Libya?

Dying By Entitlements

after america

Mark Steyn’s prescient analysis of American malaise, “After America,” now available in paperback.

Leftist Christians vs. the Jewish State


The Religious Left condemns Israel — while ignoring the most repressive regimes on earth.

Obama’s Ominous Stance on Israel’s Territorial Security


Foreshadowing a second term.

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U.S. Government Celebrates Terrorist Che Guevara


Who the Environmental Protection Agency should have chosen to kick off “Hispanic Heritage Month” instead of a mass murderer.

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U.S. Rappahannock Does the Right Thing


Firing on approaching boat was proper security policy.

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