Iran’s Bluff?


What will the Mullahs really do if push comes to shove?

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North Korea Gets Scarier


Kim Jong-Un sets out to prove himself.

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Obama Holds Netanyahu at ‘Gunpoint’

U.S. President Obama and Israel's PM Netanyahu meet in the Oval Office of the White House in Washington

The intense pressure is pushing Israel into self-destruction.

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In Defense of U.S. Aid to Israel


Taking on the arguments of those who want aid to end.

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Losing Turkey


The frightening strategic consequences.

Religious Rally Against Israel


Churches for Middle East Peace gets on the side of those lusting for genocide.

Fred Branfman, Noam Chomsky and the Communist Two-Step

Fred Branfman, author, blogger and early contributor to the current California economic miracle under Governor Jerry Brown, has written a very long apologetic about Noam Chomsky, or more accurately a standard screed against US imperialism and capitalism using Chomsky as a prop. Presumably he thought that invoking the grand old man’s name would somehow spur [...]

Iran Unbowed


More sanctions on the Mullahs, but they don’t seem to care.

Helen Thomas Gets Back under Her Bridge

The Potomac Troll Heads Back to the Bridge

The White House Press Corps front row seat is finally vacated.  89-year-old Potomac River Troll Helen Thomas has retired to her bridge from whence she came after decades of hissing at White House press secretaries and one last hurrah, snarling anti-Semitic remarks toward Israel, insisting Jews do [...]

Defense on a Dime


Will Obama’s nanny-state agenda force slashes in military spending?