UC Irvine Hillel Forces Cancellation of Pro-Israel Speaker

Nichole Hungerford is associate editor at FrontPage Magazine.


No place for conservative Jewish students — or their speakers.

Letter to UCI Administrators on Rejection of Wallenberg Statue


Exposing the rampant anti-Semitic hate long entrenched at UC Irvine.

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UC President Mark Yudof Stands Up for Occupiers but Not Jews

Ryan Mauro is a fellow with the Clarionproject.org, the founder of WorldThreats.com and a frequent national security analyst for Fox News Channel. He can be contacted at ryanmauro1986@gmail.com.


Campus confrontations take center stage, while anti-Semitic hate is facilitated throughout the university system.

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Mark LeVine Exposed


Denying the connections between the Muslim Brotherhood and MSA doesn’t make them go away.

Fascist Tactics at UC Irvine


A Muslim mob heckles Israel’s ambassador to the United States, Michael Oren.