The Meltdown of Danielle Dimacali


A reflection on what a Jew-Hater might not have sobbed about.

The Agony of Moral Defeat


A tale of two leftists and their broken dreams.

How To Fight The Left in Political War — On The Glazov Gang


TruthRevolt’s Ben Shapiro, Jeremy Boreing and Elisha Krauss shed light on the tactics that lead to victory.

Leftists Melt Down Over Failure of UCLA Israel Boycott Resolution


The BDS movement is one long hysterical tantrum of hatred and self-righteousness.”

UCLA Accused of Racial “Micro-Aggression”


Spelling corrections are racist?

California Grad Students Claim Correcting their Spelling is Racist

Protesters hold up placards showing the portrait of German central bank executive Thilo Sarrazin before a public reading to present his book 'Deutschland schafft sich ab' (Germany does away with itself) in Potsdam

Students described spelling corrections on their dissertation proposals as “micro-aggression.”

Janet Napolitano’s New University Calls Illegal Immigrant the “I Word”


“The racially derogatory I-word endangers basic human rights”

Pro-Gay and Anti-Israel? ‘Pinkwashing’ to the Rescue


UCLA hosts another hate-fest against the only safe country in the Middle East for homosexuals.

Pushing ‘Palestine’ at UCLA


Campus opens its doors to an Israel hate-fest.

UCLA Honors Sharia Apologist Khaled Abou El Fadl


University celebrates a defender of Islamic human rights abuses.

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