American Jews: The Last Leftist Jews in the World


Out of step with the Jews of the UK, Israel, Canada and Australia.

Britain Surrenders


The rape gang scandal manifests a comprehensive cultural collapse.

UK Unveils New Law in Wake of Child Sex Abuse Gangs


But the underlying problem is cultural, not criminal.

Hundreds More Muslim Rape Gang Cases Discovered in UK


Yet for Britain’s PC authorities, the perpetrators are “untouchable.”

UK: It Was “Racist” to Prosecute Muslim Rape Gangs


So they operated with impunity for over twenty years.

British Police Failing to Arrest Muslim Sex Offenders


Manchester authorities have higher priorities.

EU Really Trying to Help UKIP Win


The UK being forced to pay £1.7billion to the EU due to the success of its economy.

UK to Begin Crackdown on Muslim Brotherhood


“We cannot get them for terrorism but I bet you they don’t pay their taxes.”

UK Special Envoy to Yemen Alan Duncan Claims US Controlled by Jewish Bankers


It’s a calculated insult to the United States.

The UK Recognized the Jordanian Annexation of the West Bank Before it Recognized “Palestine”


British Brigadier Norman Lash threatened to open fire on Jewish convoys entering Jerusalem