Anti-Fracking Protesters Glue Themselves to Wrong Gas Station

p5 fracking-2

“We were very proud of the guys who locked themselves to the pumps”

UK Unable to Deport $1.6 Mil Cocaine Kingpin Because He is the “Best Dad”


The court described his “amazing” relationship with seven children by three different women.

Muslim Who Stabbed Daughter Allowed to Stay in UK for Daughter’s Sake


Deportation would breach her right to family life

Five Signs of Hope (Maybe) for Europe


Some good news for the new year.

Lefty Pol Blames Thomas The Tank Engine for Lack of Female Train Drivers

mary creagh

She described the lack of women train drivers as a ‘national scandal”

Devout Muslim Killer of UK Soldier Also Drugged and Raped 14-Year-Old


‘I have looked in his eyes and seen the evil inside him,’

Ex-UK Chief of Defense Says Obama’s Regime Change in Libya a Mistake


It may have contributed to the spread of arms in the region.

Beheader of British Soldier Converts to Islam a Second Time in Prison


“He said that he didn’t believe in the Koran and had reverted to being a Christian.”

The UK Confronts Islamism


The West still remains clueless.

Muslim London Beheader Loves Al Qaeda, Calls Them “Brothers in Islam”

Britain Attack

“I will never regret obeying the command of Allah.”