Jews and the Ukraine


And when the whole thing ends, both sides will blame it on a vast Jewish conspiracy.

Diplomatic Breakthrough on Ukraine or More Russian Lies?


Why odds for a successful deal are not likely.

The Disappearance of US Will


America retreats — and the world becomes more dangerous than ever.

The Crisis in Ukraine Intensifies


An explosive situation develops in Kiev.

Secretary of Defense Hagel Still Doesn’t Understand Why Putin Annexed Crimea


“Why he did what he did, we still don’t understand fully.”

Rep. Louie Gohmert: American Strength Is Security


A staunch defender of America explains the folly of projecting weakness abroad at the West Coast Retreat.

The False Iraq-Crimea Analogy

on March 3, 2014 in Perevalne, Ukraine.

Who’s playbook is Putin really following?

Sanctioning Russia Didn’t Work for Carter, It Won’t Work for Obama


“The boycott would induce the Soviets to “halt their aggression.”

UN Resolution “Isolating Russia” Doesn’t Actually Mention Russia


“It is a warning to Putin to not go further or face even greater global criticism.”

Obama So Concerned About New York Getting Nuked, He Cut Funds for Detecting Nukes in New York


Every year since he took office, Obama has proposed significant reductions