Will Obama Unleash the UN on Israel?

Congressional Leaders Meet With Obama And Biden At White House Over Budget

The president lashes out after the Israeli election.

Will the UN Security Council Impose a Palestinian State?


Only a potential U.S. veto stands in the way.

Obama’s Peculiar Position on the Islamic State


As a former Muslim, I challenge the president’s position on Islam.

Obama’s 15 Worst Moments At The UN


Moronic platitudes, internal contradictions, and morally disgusting sentiments.

ISIS: Remove Us From UN Terror List or We Won’t Release UN Hostages


What better way to establish that you aren’t terrorists than by taking hostages?.

Appoint a Qualified Special Envoy for Religious Freedom, Mr. President


A Radical-in-Chief’s inaction in the face of genocide against religious minorities in Iraq and Syria.

UN Says Reconstruct Hamas-Controlled Gaza Now and Investigate Israel


Jew-Haters in suits.

UN Probe Head Says Netanyahu is a War Criminal, Can’t Say if Hamas are Terrorists


Schabas once called for “going after” Israel’s then-President Shimon Peres

Fighting Without Silver Bullets


No easy answers for Israel.

Hamas’s Nazi-Style Rocket Blitz


While ISIS infiltrates Gaza.