Minimum Wage Madness


The surest way to harm low-wage and minority workers.

The Economic Stagnation Named ‘Recovery’

CUNY Big Apple Job Fair at the Jacob Javitz Center in New York City for all CUNY Students and Alumni on Friday, March 20, 2009.

Explaining the newest “drop” in unemployment.

Obamacare May Wipe Out 2% of America’s Workforce


At least the folks on the death panels will still keep their jobs.

Is New York City the Next Detroit?


Why the city is headed for collapse.

US Commission on Civil Rights Member: Illegal Immigration Accounts for 40% of Decline in Black Employment


As a result of the growth of undocumented workers, the annual earnings of documented workers — regardless of race – in Georgia in 2007 were $960 lower than in 2000

Amnesty and the Attack on American Workers


Will the conservative House save the day?

Is Illegal Immigration Good For Mexico?


Why the open borders lobby is destroying the hope for change south of the border.

Economic Misery: The New Normal

How the Obama administration is fudging the numbers on our economic decline.

Gang of 8 Plan to Deal with American’s Job Surplus by Importing 1 Mil Workers a Year


Many workers report taking on second and third jobs because there are just so many jobs out there.

Black Unemployment


How liberal labor policies are destroying the black community.