Iran Becomes Regional UNESCO Representative


As long as they’re not in any way blasphemous.

The Politics of Resentment


How utopian fanaticism remains a main feature of our times.

Hamas Demolishes 3,000 Year Old Gaza Harbor to Build Terrorist Training Camp

Fishing boats are seen at Gaza Seaport in Gaza City

Joni Mitchell sang, “They paved paradise and put up a parking lot.” Islamists however pave over everything in their quest to kill as many non-Muslims as possible to get to paradise.

Is Obama Plotting to Waive Sanctions on the Palestinian Authority and UNESCO?


Peter Yeo is a former congressional staffer who now serves as executive director of the Better World Campaign, which is an advocacy arm of Ted Turner’s well-heeled and well-connected U.N. Foundation. In a phone interview this week, Yeo repeated the view that a waiver for UNESCO is likely to go through in “a big omnibus spending bill,” because “this is a strategy that’s been outlined by the president.”

A Haunting Vote at the UN


“Palestine” admitted to UNESCO, but consequences await.

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