Unions and Occupiers vs. the Super Bowl


The Left vows consequences for Indiana taking on the Big Labor machine.

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Union Thugs Put Walker Back in Crosshairs


A recall election sure to be a bellwether for 2012.

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Emboldening Big Labor


Obama’s radical labor panel strikes a blow against employer rights.

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Union Dough and Bribery


Why soft bribery remains the rule rather than the exception.

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The Wisconsin Witch Hunt Goes National


Left-wing zealots target pro-Walker businesses for destruction.

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NRB Book Club: A Fantastic Review of United In Hate

From FrontPage Magazine yesterday:
[This article is reprinted from the National Observer.]
One of the great unresolved questions of recent history is why so many members of the Western left have become so besotted with, and apologetic for, ruthless totalitarian regimes. There have always been Western leftists who have idolised brutal regimes — be it the Soviet Union, [...]

What is Memorial Day?


Remembering our heroes’ ultimate sacrifice.

Dancing With Devils


Why leftists bow to the torturers of mankind.

Climate Consensus or Con?

Climate Change

An Oxford Union Society debate exposes climate change alarmism for the fraud it is.

Union Stance on Illegals About Money and Power

Liz Blaine’s excellent piece Sunday showed the tension between union members who see illegal aliens flooding the job market and driving down the price of labor, and union bosses who lobby for watering down immigration laws, obsessing over “migrant rights,” and boycotting Arizona.
And while Liz is right that this fits into the socialist mindset of [...]