Time to Rethink Government Unions


How university unions secretly funnel member dues to left-wing political causes and candidates.

Detroit, ObamaCare and the Wages of the Welfare-Union Alliance


ObamaCare threw unions under the bus for welfare voters. Detroit is doing the same thing.

France Torn Apart by Sunday Shopping Crisis

François Hollande

“They already work six days out of seven, which is more than enough for all of us to buy the things we need.”

SEIU Unionized Strip Club Closes Because It Can’t Pay the Rent


They used to say that the government could lose money running a bookie joint. And unions can apparently put any business out of business.

ACLU Accuses Union of “Extortion” for Using its Free Speech to Criticize It


The ACLU management hopes to narrow the infractions protected by the arbitration process, and to make “disloyalty” a fireable offense without defining what exactly disloyalty means.

Republican Congressional Leaders Investigate 201 Salaried IRS Union Reps


201 IRS employees receive full-time pay while doing no actual work, instead devoting their entire work days to union business

Unions Angry at Capitalist Hollywood Hypocrites


Workers of the world — you’re fired!

Worker Freedom Leads to Huge Drop in Union Membership in Wisconsin

union thug

Wisconsin’s AFSCME Council 48, which represents city and county workers in Milwaukee County, went from 9,043 members in 2011, to 6,046 in 2012, to just 3,498 now

Union Fights to Hold on to Government Liquor Monopoly in Pennsylvania


The United Food and Commercial Workers Local 1776 (UFCW) represents about 70 percent of the state’s 5,000 liquor store employees, who earn nearly $40,000 on average to stock liquor bottles and operate the cash register.

SEIU Staff Votes to Go on Strike


What happens if the unions that represent workers within the unions go on strike and what happens if the staff that represents the workers who work for the unions that represent the workers who work for unions go on strike?