Video Review of “United in Hate”


Why Jamie Glazov’s analysis of the Left’s romance with Islam is more urgent than ever.

Jihad Denial — on The Glazov Gang


Why the Left must camouflage the reality of Islamic supremacism.

The Politics of Resentment


How utopian fanaticism remains a main feature of our times.

Video: Jamie Glazov on The Left’s Romance With Jihad


Frontpage editor joins the Dr. Gina Show to explain progressives’ dance with tyranny and terror.

The Left’s Dance With Terror


Why Sean Penn and Oliver Stone wept when Hugo Chavez died.

Loving the Enemy


Why the Left hates America.

“It Is High Noon For America”


Video: Author Jamie Glazov interviewed on biggest threats to freedom.

Video: Jamie Glazov on Jihad Denial


Frontpage’s editor discusses his new book “High Noon For America,” David Horowitz’s work and influence, and much more.

‘United in Hate’ Author Featured on GBTV

Frontpage editor Jamie Glazov joins terror expert Eric Stakelbeck to crystallize the Left’s dance with Islamic jihad.

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Erick Stakelbeck & Guests Discuss the ‘Unholy Alliance’ on GBTV

Frontpage editor Jamie Glazov and author David Brog shed light on why leftists bond with jihadists.