‘No Blank Check for Israel’ March Coming to DC on January 19


An interfaith hate-fest gears up in the nation’s capital.

Anti-Israel Christians Stir Further Controversy


The Religious Left presses on with its favorite campaign.

Leftist Protestants Rally Against Israel


How the anti-Israel Christian Left is fueling the fires of the Mideast conflict.

United Methodists: Afghanistan Better Off Under Taliban


The religious Left finds another “evil” of American “occupation.”

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United Methodists Reject Divestment


Victory against the anti-Israel Christian movement.

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Anti-Israel Christians Pray for Divestment


Left-wing churches fight for boycotting the Jewish State.

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Anti-Israel Christians Ponder Divestment


Left-wing churches turn to a man who describes growing Jewish communities as invasive weeds.

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9-11 Conspiracy Theorist Hits the Road


Truther-philosopher David Ray Griffin aims to mainstream the “9-11 Truth Movement”

Pelosi Thanks Religious Left for Obamacare Support


Speaker Nancy Pelosi was careful to thank the Religious Left for its ardent support of Obamacare before the fateful vote in the U.S. House of Representatives. “That is why we’re proud and also humbled today to act with the support of millions of Americans who recognize the urgency of passing health care reform,” she declared […]

The Religious Left’s Prophecies of Doom – by Mark D. Tooley


Since when are Methodist Bishops qualified to pontificate on environmental policy?