Pakistan Condemns Israel for Violating Syrian Human Rights


It’s not a joke. It’s the UN.

Jesse Jackson Wants Libya, Cuba and China to Investigate Martin Shooting


Jesse Jackson invited a country which still has slaves to investigate America’s treatment of black people

North Korea, Cuba and Iran Criticize Canada’s Lack of Human Rights at UN

Here's your UN Human Rights Council. Enjoy

North Korea: “We have serious concerns about continued violation of the right to peaceful assembly and freedom of expression in Canada.”

Muslim Country With 25% Slave Population Elected VP of UN Human Rights Council


The UN Human Rights Council met today in Geneva and elected Mauritania as its Vice-President and Rapporteur for the next year, the second highest position at the world’s top human rights body. According to a recent report by the Guardian, “up to 800,000 people in a nation of 3.5 million remain chattels,”

The Necessity of Israel


A country we cannot do without.

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Selective Outrage


Silence on the brutal occupation of Georgia reveals global double standard toward Israel.