Obama Gives Green Light to Force Palestinian Statehood?


Report alleges Obama is plotting with the UN and EU to unilaterally carve up Israel.

Obama Subjects U.S. to Farcical U.N. ‘Human Rights’ Review


U.S. State Department joins in the America-bashing.

Jeb Bush Is Right About Iraq


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Ami Horowitz on the Streets of Ferguson, Berkeley and Beyond

Ami Horowitz

Filmmaker discusses bringing conservative principles to the big screen at the West Coast Retreat.

The Obama Administration’s Slavery Disgrace


Why the White House ignores Islamic slavery in Mauritania.

Will Obama Unleash the UN on Israel?

Congressional Leaders Meet With Obama And Biden At White House Over Budget

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Why Hillary’s Talking Points Don’t Add Up

Former U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton speaks during a press conference at the United Nations in New York

Typical Clintonian tactics of deception on display at the United Nations.

The Palestinians’ Failed Attack on Israel at the UN


Guess where Abbas will go from here?