Hypocritical UN Committee Maligns the Catholic Church


Where is the U.N. report on the human rights abuses codified by Sharia law?

The International Holocaust Remembrance Day Charade


The world pays lip service to the Holocaust — while laying the groundwork for the next one.

International Holocaust Remembrance Day’s Fatal Flaw

Anne Frank

How the memorial day serves as cover for Europe’s growing anti-Semitism.

The Right Fights Evil —- The Left Fights the ‘Redskins’


What the U.N. focused on last week while it was ignoring the atrocities of North Korean and Iran.

The Kerry Plan: Mandatory Global Warming Plan for US in 2015


United Nations bureaucrats will control every detail of life

Bedbugs & Islamists at the U.N.


Pat Condell explains the moral bankruptcy of the United Nations.

UN Covers Up Pedophile Scandals, Criticizes Vatican for Child Sex Abuse


“UN troops has been associated with a rapid rise in child prostitution.”

Palestinian Terror Education: Funded by U.S. Taxpayers


Time for Americans to demand a stop to aid sent to the United Nations Relief and Works Agency.

UN Interpreter Wonders on Hot Mic Why So Much Attention is Being Paid to Israel

united nations israel

“Isn’t it a little weird? There are nine or ten resolutions against Israel.”

The Resident Anti-Semite of ‘The Nation’ and UC Santa Barbara


Where is the outrage over Richard Falk’s presence in left-wing precincts?