Geneva Conference Moves Toward Criminalizing “Islamophobia”


The fight to save free speech in the West continues.

U.N. Laments Saudis’ Rejection of Security Council Seat


The moral indignation of a human rights abusing nation.

Israel and the New Munich


The West prepares to repeat the mistakes of 1938.

Two Decades of “Negotiations” and “Talks” with Iran


What has been the result?

The U.N.’s Inexperienced Overseer of Syria Weapons Deal


From UNICEF to intervention in a bloody civil war?

The Negotiations Game Begins Anew


New talks with Iran kick off — and the Obama administration is eager to appease.

World’s No. 1 Terrorist Sponsor with Nuclear Program on UN’s Disarmament and International Security Committee


Iran is the world’s top sponsor of international terrorism and is pursuing a nuclear weapons program.

Israel vs. Iran at the U.N.

Picture 14

The world’s last chance to stop a nuclear-armed Islamic Republic.

Obama’s Renewed Iranian Romance


The president fawns over sham moderate Rouhani — and repeats the North Korea mistake.

Obama to Israel: Suicide Is Security


Israel’s future is dependent on the creation of a Palestinian terror state?