United Nations’ War on Free Speech Continues


Stricter blasphemy laws on the horizon for Germany?

Corrupt Racist Country Run by Terrorist to Head United Nations World Tourism Organisation


“The pilot hurried to the back of the plane. He returned holding a big ax. Without ceremony, he proceeded to chop down the cockpit door.”

How Russia Cashes in on UN Corruption


For much of the past decade, Russia has been engaged in a systematic effort to stymie attempts to root out corruption in U.N. spending.

U.S. Allies Lead in Female Genital Mutilation


Why do leftists and feminists remain silent?

UN Honors Human Rights Abuser Che Guevara

che guevara 345

Whitewashing the bloody legacy of a totalitarian killer.

Positions of Power


How Obama’s UN ambassador nominee is trying to cover up her radical past.

New UN Counterterror Chief Doesn’t Believe Hamas is a Terrorist Group


“Hamas is not a terrorist organization in the United Nations”

UN Welcomes Terrorist President of Palestine Olympic Committee


Behind rhetoric of sportsmanship, Palestinian Major General calls Jews “Satans” and vows to destroy Israel.

Putin Offers Russian Peacekeeping Troops for Golan Heights


This is probably the best offer Putin made since the time he offered to trade Obama all of America’s nuclear codes for a handful of red jelly beans.

Obama to Appoint Samantha “Invade Israel” Power as UN Ambassador


I think Obama has finally topped Carter’s appointment of Andrew Young as UN Ambassador