Iran Senses Western Weakness


Talking while the clock is ticking.

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Striking Iran and the Myth of Regional War


Fear of a large-scale conflict is the only card the Mullahs have to play — and the West is falling for it.

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Egypt’s Downward Spiral Towards Self-Destruction


Islam’s dogma of hate leads a Mideast nation into the hands of the Muslim Brotherhood.

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Muslim Firsters and Israel Firsters


Whose interests are really served by American foreign policy?

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Egyptian Military Scapegoats US for Its Own Crimes


Our “allies” try to divert attention away from their brutal oppression.

The Problem With Islam


A new book dares to call out the “Religion of Peace.”

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Thwarting Iran’s Chilling Terror Plot


If this is what Tehran does without nuclear weapons, what will it do with them?

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Israel’s Critics and Hollow Lies


Dismantling the propaganda one lie at a time.

Iran Unbowed


More sanctions on the Mullahs, but they don’t seem to care.

In Defense of Freedom


Ashcroft’s speech at the Heritage Foundation reminds us of a time when securing freedom was a government priority.