From the Writings of David Horowitz: May 13, 2010

Following the liberation of Baghdad, historian Arthur Schlesinger Jr. wrote, “President George W. Bush has made a fatal change in the foreign policy of the United States. He has repudiated the strategy that won the Cold War—the combination of containment and deterrence … The Bush Doctrine reverses all that. The essence of our new strategy [...]

The Selling of “Islam-Lite”


The need for “interfaith dialogue” that CAIR won’t tell you about.

The Alarmist Presidency


Barack Obama never wastes an opportunity to expand government regulation.

The Only Thing Worth Dying For


How eleven Green Berets forged a new Afghanistan.

Times Square Denial


Obama officials jump to wrong conclusions to stop Americans from making the right ones.

Leftist Out, Leftist In


Obama picks Elena Kagan to fill John Paul Stevens’ Supreme Court seat.

Defeating Iran?


How can America deal with a nuclear Iran amidst Obama-era defense weakening?

The Varieties of Liberal Enthusiasm


The Left’s political zealotry increasingly resembles religious experience.

Luck Is Not A Strategy


America’s safety depends on the proposition that Islamic terrorists will prove more incompetent than the Obama administration.

Intellectual Assault


Academic anti-Americanism and the distortion of 9/11.