Obama: The Great Divider


A cartoon exposes a great deceiver.

Can School Choice Shake Up the PA Democratic Primary?

Pennsylvania’s Republican Attorney General Tom Corbett polls favorably in the state’s gubernatorial race, but “the percentage of undecideds are almost the same as Corbett’s level of support,” and there’s another hat in the ring who could gain the confidence of those uncommitted voters: Anthony Hardy Williams.
Williams has been garnering attention from conservatives, including former Sen. [...]

WANTED: New Campaign Slogan for “Post-Partisan” Progressive

Fool me once, shame on you…
Barack Obama, the post-partisan uniter: among the many preposterous pro-Obama talking points we heard during the campaign, this is probably my favorite, just because it’s always been so manifestly absurd.  An extremely pro-choice, rabidly anti-gun congregant of a racist church with a record of calling Republicans racist was going to [...]