Soros Backed Marxist Media Group Got $364 Mil from US Gov

$124,400 to “sponsor the first-ever Palestinian social media conference.”

Obama’s $1.3 Billion in Syrian Aid Helping Al Qaeda


Even the non-lethal USAID materials are falling into Al-Qaeda’s hands.

24 Americans Sue Obama, Clinton for Funding Palestinian Terrorism


Because, as alleged above, the United States’ funding is necessary for the continued operation of the Palestinian Authority’s terrorist recruitment operations, the United States is a willing participant in that recruitment operation by facilitating the Palestinian Authority’s efforts to encourage more of its civilians to become terrorists

USAID Earns Bad Transparency Rating

from The People's Cube

Last year the top recipients of USAID money were kleptocracies like Afghanistan (1.4 billion dollars), Haiti (970 million) and Pakistan (393 million). The Palestinian money-hole, combining Jordan, the West Bank and Gaza, added another 700 million to the total.