Dem Congresswoman Skips VA Panel to Go Surfing


But she didn’t skip the DNC fundraisers.

While Vets Died, VA Wasted $400 Million on Green Energy


The VA cemeteries where vets were being buried had wind or solar power.

VA Switched to Processing ObamaCare Applications


Obama’s ideological priorities always come first.

Obama Selected a Romney Donor to Head the VA to Blame the GOP


Obama found a way to immunize himself against the VA scandals.

VA Staffers Tried to Figure Out the “Color of their Personality” while Vets Died


“Veterans waiting for appointments got pushed back for two days.”

The VA Scandal Gets Deadlier


A report by Sen. Tom Coburn reveals the disturbing truth.

1,000 Vets May Have Died Because of VA Corruption


The 1,000 figure would put the VA scandal on the level of a war.

VA “Raised the Dead” to Cover Up Veteran Deaths


“Bringing them back to life” hid the fact that veterans died waiting for care.

The VA Sacrificed Vets for Solar Panels


Why invest $20 million in dying vets when you can outfit their cemeteries with green energy?

Cruz’ing the Tea Party/Republican Divide — on The Glazov Gang


Bill Whittle, Karen Siegemund and Mell Flynn shed light on the GOP’s discomfort with grassroots conservatism.