Bryan Stow and a Justice System that Is Criminal


The inhumanity of light sentences for monsters.

Death For Hasan


The jihadist murderer gets the death sentence — but will he end up with a cushy life in prison?

Heroizing a Traitor


While progressives defend Bradley Manning, the evidence reveals a dark story of a treacherous heart.

Zimmerman, Alinsky and Obama


The political usefulness of racial discord in America.

Reflections on My Oakland Trayvon Rally Assault

Picture 6

What the Left really means by “no justice, no peace.”

Our Articles On Trayvon Martin


(Get real, we are not liberals.)

Is the Zimmerman Case Really Open and Shut?


Might Travyon have been a victim of the same racially poisoned atmosphere that Zimmerman appears to be now?

Zimmerman’s Fate and Looming Race Riots


With the prosecution’s case unraveling, authorities nervously eye violence and carnage on the horizon.

Anders Breivik Meets His Cushy Fate


Norway mass murderer gets the last laugh.

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Mubarak Verdict Roils Egyptian Election


Islamists, secularists rush to exploit the angry crowd.

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