Media Malpractice


Welcome to the world where Richard Blumenthal’s lies are less reprehensible than Rand Paul’s honest opinion.

The Last Full Measure of Devotion


Memorial Day, and the way we remember our fallen troops, defines today’s great ideological divide.

Remembering the Cold Warriors

American Soviet Flag

Will the unsung heroes who guarded against the communist threat ever get their due?

Ask NewsReal Blog: “Why Does Obama Hate Israel? Why Are People Anti-Semitic?”

I received this email over the weekend from one of our readers:
Mr. Swindle,
I have enjoyed your “Writings of David Horowitz” features for quite some time and I know that you are a busy man. I am a USMC veteran of the Viet Nam era and once had the pleasure of listening to David Horowitz speak. [...]

Thanksgiving With Bill Ayers: Fugitive Days and Obama’s Plan for Afghanistan


Books are the mind’s feast even when they are controversial. While Americans gathered to thank God for our beloved country, I spent much of Thanksgiving seeing America through the eyes of a man who detests her. William Ayers, author of Fugitive Days, is a professor at the University of Chicago. His resume [...]