John Kerry: Assad’s Man in Washington


After the senator’s romance with the butchers of Vietnam came his romance with the butcher of Syria.

Jane Fonda Finally Apologizes


Tell it to the POWs.

Panic of the Progressives


Why the Left went into a fit of rage after Obama’s debate disaster.

Port Huron at 50: Still Communist After All These Years


An NYU conference celebrates the founding document of the sixties-era radical left.

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Smearing Our Troops


The Left uses the killing of civilians in Afghanistan to attack the military and U.S.

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Obama’s Assault on America’s Prestige


What Obama’s “new way forward” has meant for American strength and credibility abroad.

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What Does Romney Really Think About Vietnam?


Is the Republican presidential candidate on the wrong side of history?

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Obama’s Christmas Gift to Iran


Why the Islamic Republic will be emboldened by the retreat from Iraq.

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Tibetan Buddhist Monks Set Themselves on Fire to Protest Chinese Oppression


Left ignores attempted suicides of Vietnam War-era tactic they once admired.

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Fred Branfman, Noam Chomsky and the Communist Two-Step

Fred Branfman, author, blogger and early contributor to the current California economic miracle under Governor Jerry Brown, has written a very long apologetic about Noam Chomsky, or more accurately a standard screed against US imperialism and capitalism using Chomsky as a prop. Presumably he thought that invoking the grand old man’s name would somehow spur [...]